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          1. Welcome to the Huangshi Zhizheng Rubber and Plastic New Material Co., Ltd. official website!
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            Add: Zhongshan Road, Huangjinshan Economic Development Zone, Huangshi, Hubei, China

            Service hotline: +86-714-6367867

            E-mail: hszzjohnlee@aliyun.com?

            Website: http://www.bjrjty.com

            About us

            Hubei Zhizheng Rubber and Plastic New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in research, production and selling of radiation cross-linked heat shrinkable materials, silicone rubber insulating material and other products. Our company was founded in June, 1998. It is located in Huangjinshan Economic Development Zone in Hubei. In 2005, Dongguan Zhizheng Rubber and Plastic Material Co., Ltd. was established.


            Our main products: LRS series halogen-free flame retardant environmental friendly type heat-shrinkable tube, YRS series vehicle's fuel line exclusive used heat-shrinkable tube, SRS series environmental friendly type flame retardant heat shrinkable double-wall pipe, TLG series high-speed railway track board exclusive used heat-shrinkable tube, NFR series non flame-retardant heat-shrinkable tube, MPG series heat-shrinkable busbar protective casing, 35KV and below series heat-shrinkable power cable fittings, 35KV and below series silicon rubber cold deflation power cable fittings. Special uses heat-shrinkable tube can be customized processed on customer request.


            There is automatic production equipment and accurate testing instrument to ensure product quality, reliability. In addition, we have professional technical staffs to provide various products and full-around of value-added service. We control product quality and provide following service strictly according to ISO9001 quality management system. All our products meet standards of UL quality authentication and domestic authoritative testing institutions.


            Our company always serves customers with best product, sincere service and reliable technical support insisting on enterprise spirit of “people first, high honesty”.



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